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Without a piece of proper advice, you end up sometimes either spending more money or you have to deal with a lot of stress to pick and choose the best deal involving a lot of time and money as well and while doing that you even lose the best deal that could have been your’s with proper advice and a guide. We at “Property Advocacy Melbourne ” Help you save your time, money, and stress without you having to spend extra bucks. 

Buyer's Advocate

Through our insider knowledge and broad range of industry connections, we are Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate that services Victoria that provides personal property buying service to make the process easier, less stressful, and more profitable for first home and second home buyers and property investors. 
Most Buyers Agents take 2% of the sale price of your home, but not us. 
We charge fixed rate based on the cost of an average home, even if the value of your home is higher, and we will always go above and beyond to meet your service standards. 
We, the buyers advocate, work with the seller, whereas real estate agents work for 
the seller.

House & Land

We take care of all the legwork and make sure you get the benefits, regardless of your real estate strategy. 
Why should you use us? 
The process is simple, and you have access to top-notch, stable, and dependable developers and builders. 
We understand the necessary building specs for the best results, as well as construction costs and inclusions, to ensure cost-effective finish, and you’ll have highly experienced staff on your side.

how it 
1.You find your own piece of property, and we find you the optimal build package.
2.In your neighborhood, we locate the finest block and build package for you.
3.We locate the ideal location, property, and construction package for your investment strategy.
4.We locate mini-development location and site, as well as construction package, that is tailored to your investment strategy.
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Clarity Call

Do you need some clarification on your current situation? Remove some stumbling blocks? Or do you wish to avoid making a bad decision?

When it comes to real estate investing, we sometimes just need some quick, sound, and informed guidance to put our minds at ease, get the ball rolling, and go on with a decision that requires immediate attention.

Bertram Daniel is the Director and Head Property Educator at Property Advocacy Melbourne, 

Bertram has assisted everyone from hesitant first-time buyers to savvy investors in understanding the complexities of real estate transactions in the area with excellent depth and clarity 
in breaking down the deal for the most successful and lucrative outcome 

Schedule “Clarity Call” with Bertram for reliable advice and assurance that you’re on the right track in your real estate adventure.

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